Monday, October 3, 2016


Elder Pennington with other missionaries in his mission
This week was good!  Really enjoyed hearing General Conference this past weekend.  It is awesome that we have the opportunity to hear from people that are called of God to further enlighten us with knowledge from the Savior.

Conference was really the highlight of the week, other than that nothing really stood out.  It was just a normal week in the mission that consisted of walking, talking, teaching, laughing, and many other “ing” verbs that I can't think of at this moment.
Elder Pennington at a bowling activity.
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But today was one of the sister missionary’s birthdays so we all got balloons and surprised her and sang to her.  We played some games as a zone and that was about it.  It is always nice to play sports since you only have like 30 minutes in the morning.

Things are going well we also had a multi-zone conference and won the cleanest car inspection thanks to a member of our ward who has a super dope detail cart!  Our car was the best! Everything was shiny!
Love you all and hope ya’ll have a great week!
Love, EP



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