Tuesday, November 7, 2017


We are pleased to announce that Elder Nathan Charles Pennington has finished his 2 year full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has returned honorably and safely from the California Riverside Mission.

Here are pictures from his last days there and his arrival home.  ENJOY!!!

(Always great to end with a baptismal service)
Brother Gomez's baptismal service.
Elder Pennington taught him in the La Piedra Ward.

Bro. Gomez's Baptismal Service

Elder Pennington - a banana for Halloween

Last Halloween of the mission - Pennington & Mounts

Halloween fun!

Saying Good-Bye to Fellow Missionaries

Sisters Buitrago and Troncoso

Sisters Carson and Goodwine

Elders Svenson & Hansen

Sisters Harris and Davies

Sisters Hernandez and Padilla

Elders Holloway and Thacker

MJ showed up for a final meeting to say good-bye

I couldn't have survived the last 2 years with out MJ

Elders Phister and Holyoak

Elders Hite and Tippetts

Twinnin' with this sister missionary from Colombia - Sister Buitrago

Saying Good-Bye to Families

The Barney Family

The Carlos Family

The Crouch Family

The Lomavita Family

The Gabaun Family

I'm going to miss this filipino - Rey

Rey, Elder Mounts, Elder Rose, Elder Pennington


The Villareal Family
First Stop - The Temple & Mission Home

Last trip to the Redlands Temple with all outgoing
missionaries and Pres. & Sis. Hammons

Pres. Hammons Facebook post about their trip to the temple.

Pres. Hammons post on Facebook about those leaving on 11/7/17

FB post continues about their last meals in the mission.

Waving good-bye to Pres. and Sister Hammons and
the California Riverside Mission

ONT to SLC to ATL to MEM

Elder Avei's parents surprise Elder Pennington
with a lei anda pepperoni pizza in SLC airport

And they also surprise Elder Pennington's mom with a text!
I'm coming home... after a couple more layovers.  Lol

Flew to SLC with Elder Langley, but here they part ways.
The Welcoming Party in MEM at 9:40pm on 11/7/17
Mom gets the first hug, then Dad.
What a great feeling!
The Andersen's - where's Bill?!

Da boys are together again - Chad, Jack, Nathan, Drew, and Chris

The Denton's were there too!

Married man Josh Kennedy in da house!

Maw maw flew in from Hurricane, UT
to see her grandson return with honor.

A friend and boys from church - J. Po, Kendall, Daniel,
Nathan, Gustavo, Chandler, and Wesley

Ms. Lisa wouldn't miss this for anything!

The Posey's were a great support to Nathan throughout
his entire mission and were there to welcome him home too!

Uncle Howard and Aunt Pam welcomed
him home with open arms and a few tears.

Sam and Jake are glad their big brother is home.

Lotsa Cool Signs
Cool sign momma

Klepko's and Andersen's did a great job on the yard

They made a tie in the yard out of lights.

Great job Boston's - this was made by Luke

Another sign by the Boston's

Another Boston sign

And yet another sign...

Get released, Speak @ Church then Open House
Nana can't wait to see him be officially released

Kenzie showed up after cheer practice.
Since he was released, he can officially
hug girls again and not get in trouble.

Maw maw is there every step of the way.
Nathan spoke on the Doctrine of Christ at church.
Finally, a picture with Weston.
Looks like a shirt, right?! It's actually a cake.
Thank you Sis. Maggie Montero.

Ready for the folks coming to the Open House.

Get ready to eat - Papa's in the kitchen

Decorations abound
He's home!

And they lived happily ever after...