Monday, September 26, 2016


Connor's baptism
This week was awesome!  We had a baptism for a kid that Elder Smith and I started teaching when I got in this area, so a looong time ago haha.  It was a PMF (part-member family) but now the whole family are members and things are going great with them.  They have been coming to church more and more. They hadn't been to church in like two or three years so it is awesome to see the change.
Connor's baptism
Connor's baptism

Car life is still awesome as ever.   It makes the work go faster and you are able to see a ton of more people.  The only problem is now you don't have a way to bike all the food off that the members feed you.
Getting ready for Connor's Baptism
This past week a member of our ward Brother Sibley, he is crazy haha.  So we sit down and smash two huge hamburgers and two sausage links and fruit, then he asks if we were done with the appetizers and brings out trip tip steak.  Oh my goodness that was the most food I think I have ever eaten in my life!  I am gonna invest in a scale so that I can start maintaining my weight haha.
Moreno Valley Zone
Other than that the work is going really good, This is gonna be week three of this transfer, so it is going by really quick.  I am coming up to 7 months in this area so I wonder if my picture fell off of President’s board and he forgot about me haha!!
Love you all, thanks for all of the letters and packages and prayers!

Elder Pennington

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