While serving for the next 2 years, the guidelines for the California Riverside Mission allow Elder Pennington to communicate through email, however, he may only do so with his immediate family.

He is able to communicate with all other family and friends by postal mail.  Monday is designated as his "P-Day" or Preparation Day where he is able to do non-proselyting activities until 6:00pm.  This is the day he usually has some time to write letters and email his family.

Although he is unable to receive emails from everyone, he has expressed to us that he is excited to get mail which he receives on any day of the week and he is able to keep the letters and read them whenever whereas email he can only read once a week and does not get to see it again until the next week.

Since he does not remain at the same address for his entire mission, it is best to send mail and/or packages to the mission home address listed below:

Elder Nathan Charles Pennington
California Riverside Mission
5900 Grand Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504


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