Monday, October 10, 2016


Doesn't get much better than this - boys playing in big airplanes.
Scroll down for more pics of this day of service.
Due to the Columbus Holiday and the library being closed (internet access), we didn't get a lot of info from Elder Pennington this week.  We do know that they did service at March Air Force Base though. 

They painted some old airplanes for their museum, built some sheds, and fixed golf carts.  After he helped a vet fix some of the golf carts, he let Nathan drive the golf cart around the air base.

One of the reasons I was so excited about Nathan's call to Riverside is because my mom's family is from this area and my dad was stationed at March Air Force Base before going to Vietnam.  He was a navigator/bombardier on the B-52 bomber aircraft.  I'm sure Nathan walked some of the same ground where my dad walked back in 1966 and didn't even know it.

Below are some pics from this fun day of service:

Getting ready to tour and work at March AFB

Let's give these babies a fresh paint job!

Now that's a big plane

Look Ma!  I found a faster way to get to my teaching appointments!

You can barely see Nathan through that dirty window

Can you see the pilot's name on the plane under the window?
Lt. Col. Gary Pennington - What a coincidence!

Nathan aka Ice Man - maybe he will want to be a pilot
when he gets back from his mission.  Nope!  Momma
ain't gonna allow that - no way Jose!

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