Monday, August 22, 2016


We didn’t hear much from Elder Pennington this week due to his P-Day being jam packed full of other things:
  • It was their turn to go and attend the Redlands Temple again.
  • They did Crossfit as a Zone again.
  • He worked on his Best Man speech video for his best friend Josh Kennedy who is getting married soon.
 So, here are just a few random pictures he sent us which I think symbolize how random our missionary is.  J  And, I’ll throw in one temple picture.
Star Wars puzzle and missing 1 piece - nothing more frustrating!

Look!  How pretty.  Water hitting a spoon in the kitchen sink.
Quick, take a picture!!
Smoke from the fires in San Bernardino

Thanks again for your support and prayers on behalf of our missionary.
The Redlands California Temple

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