Monday, August 29, 2016


Elder Avei & Pennington at the
California Redlands Temple
Moreno Valley must be tired of me, but me and Elder Avei had a really great week.  We picked up a couple of families that we are teaching, and I am looking forward to this week and seeing the work we are gonna be able to do.

California Redlands Temple
Elder Gulbranson and Pennington with a Filipino member of the Ward
Elder Jackson & Elder Pennington

We had crossfit today, so the whole north half of the mission got to get together for ball and cross fit so that was a ton of fun!
Wake up Elder Avei (my Greenie).  You have a package!
Greenie Package for Elder Avei

"You only get to be a Greenie once so be sure to
enjoy it as much as possible," says Elder Avei
We have barely biked at all this transfer, mainly because on exchanges another Elder blew out my back tire and I have been too lazy to change it, but we have just been walking everywhere so that seems to not only get us in a lil bit of shape, but it also allows us to talk to more people and show our faith because whenever the Samoans see us they always pick us up hahaha. 
It's good to know that the people of Moreno Valley are
strong Americans and believe in Liberty
Look Mom!  Elder Pennington took me to
New York!  Just Kidding!  I'm still in Moval

So Friday night we got done with splits and were walking back to the apartment around 9pm, when a man runs out of the bushes from the house across the street, and while holding his side yells HELP (and some other things that won’t be included) and then a woman comes out and yells, in a very manly smokey cig voice, EDDIE WAIT COME BACK.  10 minutes later 6 cop cars roll up, a fire truck, and a paramedic.  Then we see the paramedic take off with the guy in the back and the cops are searching the house that he ran out of.  Just another week in Moreno Valley :)

Love you all!

-Elder Pennington

Eating at CafĂ© Rio after the temple and the missionaries run into a famous actor - Travis Eberhard.  Below is the link to an LDS movie he starred in - 17 Miracles.  An awesome movie based on true events that happened in Mormon history as members of the church moved west to Utah to escape persecution and death.

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