Monday, August 15, 2016


Protein Shakes!
This week was really good for Elder Avei and myself.  We have started to have protein shakes every morning and every night.  We are on bike so might as well eat healthy too!  We should work at Jamba Juice we are so good! (Smoothie place on the west coast)

We had a ton of lessons this week and have done a ton of walking around and talking with people on the street.  This one guy came up to us, grabbed us into a circle and asked for us to pray for him, so Elder Avei said a pretty great on the spot prayer it was pretty great haha.
But other than that, the work has been going really great.  Elder Avei is a super hard worker and a great missionary!  We are getting along great, and the biking hasn't been too bad.  The weather has cooled down to the 110's so that has been nice, the five degrees cooler makes a difference!  Well I hope everyone has a great week.
Elder Pennington
So this is what missionaries look like with their suit
coats turned inside out

More of the same - suit coats inside out

And of course the money team picture with suit coats
turned inside out.
Elders Gulbranson, Jackson and Pennington

Reppin' the 901

Companionship Study - 12 week training

It's a good day when you can afford some In N Out burger
for dinner.  Here is a young single adult that is getting baptized soon.

Hey, our ties match.  How did that happen?!


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