Monday, August 8, 2016


Elder Pennington & Elder Avei
This week has been an awesome week.  I am training again and my new comp is super cool.  His name is Elder Avei , and he is from Farmington, Utah and graduated in 2016.
We are back on bike and are working hard.  It has been nice to only go to church for four hours instead of 7, and only have to worry about one ward instead of two!  We have found some families that we are working with, and hopefully we can get the ball rolling with them and do everything 
Elder Pennington cooked a meal for his
new companion Elder Avei
we can to help them enter into the waters of Baptism.  We have a ton of potential names, it is just really hard getting to them all on bike, but luckily the Canyon Springs ward members are really good at coming out with us!  And we get fed so good that I think it may end up being a blessing that we have to bike instead of having the car, because I think I am starting to pick up some extra pounds  -_-
Happy Birthday to my sister Samantha Carol.  I am starting to see why dad got into insurance now that you just got your license to kill..oops autocorrect I meant to say license to drive!  And another shout out to my wonderful Mother who’s  going to be turning 20 again tomorrow!!!!  That's 25 years in a row now!  Love you mom.
Again thank you all for the love, prayers, letters, and packages you send my way. It really lifts a burden knowing that I have my friends and families support.  Love you all!
Elder Pennington
Transfer meeting when Elder Pennington received
his new greenie companion, Elder Avei
This sister missionary is from Arkansas and knows all
the same people Elder Pennington knows
At a weekly Bible Study, one of the members brings her
niece with her and she created this artwork for Nathan

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