Monday, August 1, 2016


Hanging at the View of MoVal
This week was a very bittersweet week.  I found out that I am training again, which will be fun, but there are 25 outgoing missionaries this transfer including my trainer/dad :( It was a fun last week with Elders Westenskow and Gulbranson though.  We worked hard and picked up some new people so hopefully that will continue to progress.

Headed to the View with our matching ties

Night view of MoVal

Elder Pennington at the View

Sunset in MoVal

We also, finally had Patricia's baptism! It was so amazing!  It was great to see her and her son enter into the waters of Baptism, and then see her son confirm her a member.  It really was an amazing experience seeing someone go from not praying in front of us to wanting to pray all the time! It truly did strengthen my testimony of the restored gospel.

Elder Smith came back for Patricia's baptism

Patricia's son baptized her

Loved teaching Patricia

Patricia and her son


It's HOT out here!
Starting tomorrow I will be back on bike, so that was really short lived, kind of not looking forward to it but it could be a lot worse.  I just hope the weather cools off.  It has been in the 115's lately!

Things are going well in our area, the ward is super good to us!  I’m happy I am still gonna be serving here.  This ward is very missionary minded.  I will more than likely be here for 12 more weeks since I am training so I will end up being in this area for 7 and a half months!  I hope all is well, love you all.
Elder Pennington

Elder Pennington dabbing

We are so creative with the baptism programs

Making sure the font is ready

Font looks pretty good.  Let's fill it

Wait... Look what I found

Zoom in on the spider

Elders Dyer and Westenskow prepare to go home...

Well done faithful servant Elder Dyer

Elder Warren is headed home too

Elder Westenskow, well done good and faithful servant
Training class to prepare Elder Westenskow to return
to civilian life as Brother Westenskow.  The main focus
from the mirror appears to be "Girls."
Our mini-missionary is worn out!

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