Monday, July 25, 2016


Elder Pennington writing letters.
This past week was really good.  We have four people on date or the Canyon Springs Ward.  Patricia Cox is still on date for July 30th, which I am so excited for!  Also, we have a guy named Lucio on for the 31st of July!  Pat brought a friend to church that we are now teaching and is on date for the 21st of August.  Also, we are teaching a 9 year old who is on for August as well.

Elder Westenskow
We are getting a mini-missionary next week, so hopefully that will be fun!  There are 35 new missionaries next transfer!  I wonder if they'll trust me with a new greenie again!

Love you!

Elder Pennington

Memories of Paw Paw

Grossest thing ever!
Map of our area

They really like each other

The Pod 2016

Elder Pennington is always talking
about their mini fridges.

Elder Pennington's desk

More of the apartment.  Look at the
planning going on with the mirror

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