Tuesday, July 5, 2016


POD2016 - Gulbranson, Westenskow, Pennington

So the past week has been an unsuccessful, uneventful week up until Friday morning.  Sadly I had to say goodbye to my greenie, because he broke his collarbone, but we got to say hello to the POD2016.  I am with Elder Westenskow and Gulbranson.

We are working hard, and so far it has been great.  On the fourth
of July, we did a lot of shopping, our mini fridges are full! Then we did the usual laundry, and then we went to the church for our zone activities where we played trash ball and basketball, and then watched some fireworks from our apartment!

Matching outfits - Team Unity!
It has been really good the past few days.  We had a baptism for the Hidden Springs ward that I am also in now and our investigator Patricia Cox came, she felt the spirit super strong, and she is going to be baptized July 30th! From being inside, I have had alot of time to reflect and study.  Listened to a ton of talks, and practiced the uke a ton. Also, cleaned our apartment and made it spotless hahaha dad would be very proud. Well hopefully I'll be able to check up on more, love you all and hope everyone had a great fourth!

Dinner with POD 2016
Elder Pennington

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