Monday, July 11, 2016


We didn't receive a letter this week, but we did receive a ton of pictures with brief explanations.

With regards to the Lord's work, he did email his mom and say that everything is going great and that this was a really great week.  He has a baptism scheduled for this Sunday (July 17th) as well as baptisms scheduled for July 30th and July 31st so we will send pictures of those later.

Enjoy the pictures!!!

Taking advantage of the free slurpess at 7-11 on 7/11



Hostage Prank - I wonder who's idea this was.  Probably
the Elder who isn't tied up maybe?!

Hostage Prank

Elder Pennington bit his tongue

OUCH!  That's a big chunk of tongue missing!
Bishop Garcia was a bishop in the stake where Elder
Pennington served who liked to come out and
play basketball with the missionaries.

Bishop Garcia - he stopped by our house in Memphis on his
move to Atlanta and brought us a box of California
T-shirts from our missionary
POD2016 at the view

Elder Westenskow - one of his last trips to the
View before he goes home

The View of Moreno Valley
Hello Burro.  Are you a nice burro?

Look at me mom! I'm standing by a burro!

I'm so strong like a burro.

Take a picture of me walking by my pet burro

Yep, just me and my burro

Apparently, burros just run wild in the neighborhoods
in Moreno Valley.  "Hey, the Mormon missionaries
are in the neighborhood again playing with the burros!"
Elder Gulbranson picked out his favorite at the Petting Zoo

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