Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Last days with Elder Smith

So the past couple of weeks have been pretty good.  Sad to see Elder Smith go, but very excited to take over the area and for the opportunity to train a new missionary.

Elder Larson

So Monday I hung out with another missionary who is training, Elder Larson.  He's awesome.  I love that guy.

Elder Pennington & Elder Cousineau

Elder Cousineau was wiped out!

So we got our boys Tuesday and my new companion.

Elder Cousineau fell asleep in MY chair
while studying. Hahaha!
His name is Elder Cousineau, and he is from Wisconsin.  On Friday, we were riding our bikes from an appointment, and I hear a yell.  I turn around and Elder Cousineau had crashed his bike and landed on his shoulder.  Four hours later in the urgent care, and he has a broken collar bone.  He has to go to the ortho surgeon, but until then, we have to stay in the apartment, and he has to stay in bed.  The latest they will call is Wednesday so if you don't get an email, it's because we can't leave the apartment.  If the healing process takes longer than 10 days, he has to go home to heal.  So there goes my training experience.  Anyways, just keep my comp in your prayers.

Elder Pennington

Pennington, Cousineau & Westenskow

Elder Pennington & Elder Haggler

Elder Haggler

Elder Pennington & Elder Sy

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