Monday, June 20, 2016


So we heard from Elder Pennington, but he still hasn't received his new "greenie" companion to train.  He will be arriving on Tuesday and so we should know more about that by next week.

We received quite a few pictures to share with you this week though which is always great:

Elder Pennington getting to do what he loves on a
Preparation Day - catching a big one it appears!

Reel it in Elder Pennington!

Fishing buddies

Elder Smith is going to be a daddy! Weird, but fun mission
tradition. A trainer becomes a Dad when the person he has
been training gets a new missionary to train.

More of the same for Elder Smith

Elder Smith and Elder Pennington had a car for 3 days.
They were very excited to be off their bikes for a few days.
Elder B burning a shirt to celebrate his 1 year mark.

Leave it up to Elder Pennington to fine the intersection of the
two streets - Elder & Cool.

Elder Cool intersection with Elder Pennington's name tag.

Found this little guy while out proselyting. Yikes!

Go home snake and don't come back.

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