Monday, January 4, 2016


So I have the pleasure of being on bike the next six months!  I have also had the pleasure of fixing a flat and patching my bike four times!  So we went to get it fixed and got a ride from some other Elders, and we get back and it is flat!  So we get to go in tomorrow again and try and get it fixed up so we can get back to work. 
So we officially have three investigators that should all be baptized by the end of January which is awesome.  We just had our first Sunday in the Jurupa Ward, now that the other one was discontinued we get to learn names all over again. 
We have a super cool WML (Ward Mission Leader) who is super awesome.  The ward is really good at feeding us dinners and coming out and supporting us.  Now we just need to get them to give us referrals, those are the best investigators.  We also have two return missionaries who love driving us around to lessons and also two guys who are about to leave that we just met this past Sunday so hopefully we can get them to come out with us. 
One thing that is unfortunate though is that we live with a family who isn’t in our ward, we have to bike about 10-15 minutes into our area and then go out.  So planning has to be time efficient which is good for us.
I hope everyone has had a good few days of starting strong with their New Year’s Resolutions!  Keep up with it everyone!  I would like to thank everyone for all of the letters and packages!  It really makes me feel loved and supported, so thank you all so much for your cards, packages, but mainly your prayers.  I’ll take a prayer over a card and package any day of the week.  Well Elder Pennington loves and misses you all.  Have a great start to the New Year.  Hopefully I'll have some more interesting stories next week.
Elder Pennington

A boy we have been teaching

Dynamic Duo
Squat & Skate

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