Monday, January 11, 2016


So this past week was awesome.  Being on bike has actually been a lot of fun.  It rained quite a bit this week, actually so much that I can describe myself as Noah and my bike as the ark HaHa! 

So we have four investigators, Dani, Robert, Gini, and Andrew.  Dani, is a miracle baptism that we are receiving.  She was approached by some other elders who have been teaching her, but she's on our side of the ward boundaries so we will be baptizing her this Sunday!  Unfortunately our two other investigators Robert and Gini (no relation between the two) have been really sick, and we haven't been able to meet with them and they haven't been able to come to church, but we are gonna meet with them this week. 
Then Andrew, who just got married to his wife Chayo who is a member, we are meeting with him Tuesday, and scheduling his baptism! 

My bike has lasted all this week without any more problems.  In Old Mira Loma the roads are bad and I have had to patch up the bike tube like three or four times, but everything has been great! 

Well at least Kevin Hart wants to hear our message :)
So usually when we go out contacting (walking and talking with people for 90 minutes) we just walk around neighborhoods and a bunch of people are all outside, but with the rain we have to go door to door and that has been a great experience (sarcasm).
I can now say I have experienced doors being slammed in my face and people just being plain rude.  One lady was so rude that I was just so upset.  We asked her if there was anyone she knew that needed a message of hope and/or help, and she said well I know some Catholics that need help blah blah and started making fun of religions.  I just walked off while my companion was still talking and then she stopped and apologized.  I think I may need to work on that, but it was just a really long day, cold and was pouring down rain, but I love it :) 
 Well that is all for this week, I hope everyone is doing great and I always love the emails, letters, and packages so thank y’all for having me in mind.

Elder Pennington
This sweet lady made us beanie's so our heads would stay warm while riding our bikes!
Double selfie of our new beanie hats

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