Monday, January 18, 2016


My fellow Americans...

I heard Obama gave his presidential "schpeel" so I thought that the subject would fit :)  So this week was pretty great.  Riding on bike everywhere is still awesome, we have the steepest hills in our area well it feels like it, but it is up hill both ways, so that is just so great :)

Elder Heelis and myself being the teenagers we are, are pretty forgetful, and we have forgotten that we left our bikes at the Stake Center because we usually have people pick us up from there because we are out and about, and so there have been three mornings this week we have had to make the 20 minute journey to our bikes so that has been fun haha.  But, I think one of those times was because God needed us to walk in that direction because if we would have had our bikes we would have gone the opposite direction.  So as we are walking, there is a recent convert who is woman of about the age of fifty who is super sweet and she locked herself out of the house.  So she asked us to break into her house so who on earth would say no to that?  Elder Heelis and Kathy worked on the back sliding door, while I walked around.  I popped off the screen of a window and saw that it was only closed because of this small metal object and a pole.  So I went and squeezed my arm through with a rake haha ...popped the metal off and moved the pole and hopped in the house just as I hear Elder Heelis and Kathy yell “We got it” and were walking through the back door and we all met in the living room.  It was definitely a funny experience.

Elder Pennington's first baptism!
I also had my first baptism which was sweet.  This girl Dani is a trooper.  She had two seizures the day before her baptism and didn’t get released until that night and then she still got baptized the next day.

I would like to first give a shout-out to my boy Justin and his wife!!!  I am sad that I missed the wedding, but I think I have an okay excuse!  I love you both and can’t wait to make some awesome memories at the reunions!  Also, shout-out to my awesome cousin Brooklyn for Returning With Honor and being an awesome example to all of us on her serving her mission in New York!  Love you so much Brooklyn, I'll see you in 22 months but who’s counting? (Momma Lisa is) Oh my gosh, shout-out again, to my cousin Hallie for getting engaged!  I'm so happy for you!!!

We all had our doubts but man Justin she is only three months away from you but I knew you would get married no matter what Brandon and Amber said! :)  And Jace you owe me 20 bucks.  I told you Hallie would find someone as special as her! Haha!!  Just kidding future cousin.  I can’t wait to meet you!

Well I would like to thank all the people above for waiting till I'm gone so I get to miss all of this and I apologize for what I did to make y’all hate me.....just kidding I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.  I love you all and miss y’all a ton,  I can’t wait to be able to sit around as an RM with all my RM family and share stories.  Stay in touch and thank you all for the continuous support.

Elder Pennington

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