Monday, January 25, 2016


Elder Zeng riding a bike for the 1st
time since he was 5 years old.
Elder Zeng getting his ears lowered.
So this week I had my first exchanges and I took over the area.  The person who I exchanged with was Elder Zeng from China.  That was quite the adventure.  He hasn't biked since he was 5, and he was on my companion’s  bike  (Elder Heelis), and Elder Heelis's bike is a tank and Elder Zeng is not haha.  So that was a fun filled day.
Our son... the barber?!

I also cut Elder Zeng and Elder Heelis’ hair, and I think I did a great job!   I went on exchanges with an ASL Elder named Elder Lenniger that knows Brooklyn!!!  That was fun. I think I picked up some sign language so that was cool! 
ASL Elder who knows
Nathan's cousin Brooklyn

So today for P-day we hiked to Pumpkin Rock or something. I think it should be called Halloween Town but yeah so that was fun.  We did this absolutely horrid game at the top where we had to spin something and it landed on a jelly bean, and we had to eat it except it was nasty flavors.  Oh my gosh it was so gross.  I ate one that was stinky socks, rotten eggs, dog food, and skunk - Ughhhhh that was so nasty.

Having some fun on "P-Day"
Pumpkin Rock

The nasty jelly bean game

Scenic look from Pumpkin Rock
Scenic view from Pumpkin Rock
Dani, who got baptized the week before, was also confirmed and it was awesome.  She was so happy. You can tell in her face.  She has such a sweet spirit.  The work is going slow.  We have people that we are teaching and they really enjoy meeting with us and they do recognize the spirit, they just aren't making it to church whether it is because of rides or because they are sick, but oh well I am not gonna let it get to me.  I am just going to do my very best because one thing that I have realized while I'm out here is that if Heavenly Father doesn't want something to happen, it isn't gonna happen.  I am not gonna be able to convert these people.  It is going to be the Spirit and Heavenly Father working through me.
I am almost done with my training, and my dad (trainer) has been in this area for 7 months now so he will probably be leaving and I will probably be getting a new companion, who will be referred to as my step father most likely.  The mission family is weird haha.

Things are still going good, and I'm alive – that is what matters.  I love being out here.  I love these people out here, and I love the work that is going on.  I am so glad that it is tough because if it was easy then that wouldn't make sense...
"Salvation is not a cheap experience" – Elder Holland.
I love you all and thank you for your love and your prayers.

Elder Pennington
Elder Pennington with some of his compadres on the mission

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