Monday, February 1, 2016


So this week wasn't very good at all.  I was sick for three days, but on the bright side I had the best hibernation ever. 
This week was pretty anti-climactic, but Elder Heelis and myself spoke in church this past Sunday and everyone came up to us afterwards and wanted copies of our talks.  It was cool. We spoke at a young man's farewell talk.  It was funny that I was in his shoes like three months ago. 
The work is moving slow out here.  So we went out walking and talking and we were biking to where we wanted to go and then all of a sudden a swarm of dogs just surrounded Elder Heelis.  It was hilarious haha!!! There was literally 15 stray dogs everywhere.  I was crying! 
That's pretty much it for this week. Oh we did pick up a new investigator named Richard. He lives quite a distance away, but we'll go where the Lord sends us.  No matter the distance.
Elder Pennington
Elder Pennington with one of the AP's (Elder Fischer)

Elder Fischer again.  Love this East Coast Boy (NC)

My friend Braden who taught Chad's girlfriend Maria
while he was on his mission in Knoxville.

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