Monday, December 21, 2015


Pennington & Heelis at the Redlands Temple
On P-Day this week, Elder Pennington didn't have time to write his long letter because of internet problems at the church.  AND... we are getting to Skype with him in just a few days at 11am on Christmas Day so we will give him a break this one time! :)  We are sooooooo looking forward to seeing our missionary!
We heard he got to attend the temple located just north of the mission in Redlands, California.  In their mission they get to go once every 3 months which is a great blessing.

Skyping with Elder Pennington
Skyping with Nathan was a real treat.  He told us a lot of stories and experiences he is having - some funny as in the story about their encounter with an inebriated man.  Elder Heelis began to tell him that they enjoy sharing a message of Christ at this time of year and the drunken man told him he didn't want to hear his message and to go away.  Nathan just smiled at the man with his typical joyful personality and the man asked him, "What are you smiling about Smalls?" to which Nathan replied with a quote from the movie "Elf", "Smiling's my favorite!"  He also told us about teaching a family who had a pet pig in their house and others with chickens inside.  He also just recently ate a Mexican soup called Menudo which had pig's feet in it.  And of course there are spiritual experiences like the day their zone did service at the local high school for some less fortunate kids and wore elf hats.  He picked a 14 year old girl named Sophia who has a disease which has caused her body to age like that of a 90 year old.  As he shared his experience, it brought tears to everyone's eyes.

This Christmas was our best Christmas ever because of the hour and a half that we got to see his face and hear his voice.  He is really having a good time and enjoying his mission.  We are grateful for his service and the blessings it has already brought to our family.

Keep it up Elder Pennington.  You are truly "laying the foundation of a great work." (Doctrine & Covenants 64:33)

Mom had this ornament made for our missionary

Mom makes Nathan's favorite Christmas treat - Puppy Chow!

2 containers full - 1 to share with Elder Heelis

Mom found this post on Missionary Momma's FB page - She totally stalks her missionary!

Found out on the Skype that this was a Christmas Party thrown by the Stake
President at his house for all the missionaries serving in the Jurupa Stake

A sneak peek at Nathan's Christmas box before being shipped.

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