Monday, December 14, 2015


Elders Pennington & Heelis live in Bryce's home. He's 16
So this week has been good. One thing that was not so bueno is that all the boundaries in our stake got changed so that'll be interesting to see where my companion and I get put so I have no idea what area I will be in for January so it kind of stinks because regardless we will be losing investigators.

Yep, you heard him!  CHIC-FIL-A PIZZA
Anyways, I probably had the best pizza Saturday for dinner. We stayed home and had dinner with the home share kid Bryce who is 16.  We made a CHIC-FIL-A pizza, oh my goodness it was amazing. Get some pizza dough, chic-fil-a sauce all on the bottom then mozzarella cheese, and then cut up some fries and chicken nuggets and then put cheese on that. Oh my goodness, it completely changed the game.

But yeah I hope everything is good in Memphis.  Christmas is coming up fast and you can tell there is a change in the air. It must be the lights all the houses put up that release the Christmas spirit because everyone seems so much more happier. Nothing really special happened, oh I know. My basketball shoes ripped on the inside! Unbelievable! That is two shoes back to back that meant so much to me....haha

Anyways the work here is good and one cool thing our mission president has challenged us to do out here is read the first two chapters of Matthew, Luke, and all of John. He said when we read these, to highlight Jesus Christ's name in a color, his attributes in a color, the doctrine of Christ in a color, and when he speaks in a color. The New Testament is looking so beautiful with all the different colors haha, it really helps me dig into the reading and I am getting a ton out of highlighting. We are focusing on the story of Christ’s birth and really studying it because of him being the reason for the season and I am learning a ton. So much better than studying for school hahaha.
On P-Day writing an email to the family at the
church. We think his tongue sticking out means
he's happy - like a puppy

Well that's all for this week, I am probably forgetting something but oh well. Good luck for everyone taking midterms and all that gross school stuff!


Elder Pennington


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