Monday, December 7, 2015


Hello my southerners,

This is very unfortunate, but it seems that my accent is fading fast. I talk to people and they ask me where I am from and I say Memphis but they don’t hear an accent. It is very upsetting haha anyways, yes I am okay. The shootings were like 30-45 minutes away from my area maybe a little closer but it is all good! I just feel bad for those poor families and that poor special needs clinic, like who does something like that?

Anyways, something interesting happened last week, so my companion and I try to make it to the gym every morning at 6am to play basketball. After we played as a zone and I told him about some plans about college after I get back, he has been determined to try and be my coach and keep me in shape for college basketball haha so not only out here in the mission is he my "Dad, but he is my DL, my trainer, and quickly one of my best friends. We are working great together. Anywho (JOSH haha) so one morning we went up to the Stake Center, and this church has automatic lights so we saw the lights were on so that was weird. So we walk in and I go and lay down on the stage to "stretch" or take a 5 minute nap whatever you wanna call it, but then I saw that there was a pillar of light right above my head whose glory was the sun because someone had opened the skylight that is above the stage so that was weird haha. SO later that day we had DDM at the Stake Center and me and Elder Heelis went to the library and it was trashed, we start walking around and everything was broken into –  the two bishop’s offices, two clerk’s offices, and the high council room. So we let the grounds keeper know and they called the cops, (luckily the church doesn't keep money on church sites it goes to the bank) so the next day he sees us and told us that the guy left a phone and a backpack full of stuff, and left it all while trying to run out of the other side of the church. He was walking out while we were walking in.  He had a huge crowbar and the cameras at the church had caught his face because he turned back so that was pretty hype, even though we had no idea what we did haha.

But the people here are so careless and rude.  Our church has some ones canvas and has graffiti on it so that was nice. So I would like to send a special shout out to AAA SERVICE COMPANY.  We racked up 10 hours of service this past week, and each one of those hours was us helping people move. This lady had a 10 ft truck and wanted us to put her completely packed storage unit on there that had anything and everything. It was crazy, so I would like someone to extend a shout out to MANUEL AND MY FRIEND ROBERT JOHNSON.  I packed that truck like a boss and we fit everything in there.  I have no idea how but we did. That was our third and last move that we had this past week. So my last job has definitely helped me haha.

Other than that, this week has been pretty good. The members are willing to help serve and sign up to give us dinner all the time so I have picked up 8 pounds hahaha but don't worry I’m not gonna get chubby because we do CrossFit and that has been kicking my butt but it feels good after. But other than that, I am starting to get the flow of things and the work is progressing. With Christmas time coming along people's hearts are magically softening so we can see if we can try and expand on that, and help people make Jesus Christ a priority in their life.  Spanish is hard and I don't think I’ll ever be able to pick it up. I am still English speaking, but EVERYONE here is Hispanic literally it is crazy. Thanks for the ongoing prayers and the support as I've hit my one month this past week, time is flying by. Hope everyone is good and I love you all.

Elder Pennington

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