Monday, May 15, 2017


Bienvenidos a la iglesia!
The weekly letter is going to be short today, who am I kidding they are always short!  This past week we were able to find some new people to teach, and we were also able to get the opportunity to Skype home!

It was way cool to see everyone.  For having a little brother and sister that are super into technology they were awfully quiet!!!

I have really enjoyed being in Hemet, and it is crazy to think this is
President Mullen begins his last transfer.
the last week of the transfer.  Next transfer is President Mullens last transfer and it is a 5 week one. After that I only have three transfers left :(  It is super sad to think about and so I am going to stop.

I am hopefully going back for a baptism in Menifee for a part member family that I taught.  His name is Ryan Nelson, and he is a stud. Thanks for all the love that ya’ll give me.  I appreciate the prayers and the thoughts and I hope all is well with everyone.



Enjoy a few more pictures:

Yo soy guapo!

Selfie time is the best time.

Pink ties and grey suits are in style!

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