Monday, November 14, 2016


Silly Elder Pennington 

Hey everyone, this week was awesome for our zone.  We baptized two people this past Sunday so that was awesome!  We had an interview for an investigator yesterday, so he is good to be baptized in 2 weeks!

Elder Dunn driving the streets of Menifee.

We played ultimate frisbee today which was a ton of fun, but then again not really, because it reminded us all how out of shape we are haha!  It is super weird to think that it has already been three weeks of this transfer.  It has been going by super fast.  The work is going really good, and of course trying to learn another new area after being in my last one for 7 and a half months is a little struggling, but I’m getting there.  And there are three areas (Menifee, Winchester, and part of Murrieta) so like when you try asking someone in the street if they have been in this area long, you have a 1 out of 3 chance to get the area right or they just correct you like it is the biggest deal in the world. Oh well :)

Elder Pennington's first zone as a Zone Leader
after their first ZDM meeting.
Other than that, it has been nice learning a new area and not seeing the same stuff every day.  I knew that Moval area a little too well.  We had 7 people come to church this past Sunday, but we were expecting 12 so that was a little sad, but we are going to challenge our investigators to be more honest with us in keeping their commitments.  If they don’t, we will move forward with finding new folks to teach and help.  Always a bitter sweet moment when that happens.

Thanks for all the love and support everyone. 



Art by Owen Thunstrom - a young man in Elder Pennington's
ward made this cartoon for him and Elder Dunn.

Elder Osberg - the Canadian

On exchanges with Elder Whiting

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