Monday, November 7, 2016


Elder Pennington with his Hump Day shirt on that
he received on hump day along with a box of
some Corky's barbecue - spoiled by his Momma!

This past week I hit my one year is super weird how fast that went.  I hope this year slows down a bit.  Thank you everyone for the emails, letters, packages, and pictures!  It was awesome to get all of that, it made my day!!!

Elders Pennington and Dunn with their most recent
baptism Neva and her father who is preparing
for the ordinance of baptism next.
This week was awesome, we had another Baptism!  It was sweet to see Treva enter into the waters of Baptism.  Her dad is going to be getting baptized hopefully in a couple of weeks!  We have 7 other awesome souls that we are working with that have a date, and I am super excited!

Elder Pennington, the man who plays Judas Iscariot in the
church's Bible Videos, Coach Bolton (Bart Johnson) from High
School Musical, and Elder Dunn.  Nathan said he came to
recruit him for the Wildcats or maybe the next sequel.  :)
This Sunday Elder Dunn and I had Coach Bolton from High School Musical and Judas Iscariot from the Bible Videos at church!  We saw them walking in and we were like “Oh shoot, is that”....and we were like it can't be... and after we got him to say “BOLTON!...DANFORTH!” ...It was so cool.  Well that is all for this week.  I hope everyone has a great Monday.


More pictures of his Hump Day week below:

A Hump Day Feast for breakfast

Don't worry moms, we are eating good!

Special Hump Day plates decorated by Elder Pennington's little sister.

All 3 of these Elders go home together in 1 year
And apparently this Elder doesn't!!

Elder Pennington & Elder Dunn - it's evident that these two love
each other like brothers.  When we think of them working together
in unity to do the Lord's work, it makes us proud and reminds
us of the kind of relationships that Peter, James, and John
had or Alma and Amulek.

T-shirt swap on P-day, time for some exercise

Playing ball at the church on P-day

Elder Pennington was so excited to receive his Hump Day box that
contained all these awesome pictures of dear friends and family
congratulating him on his half way mark.

Elder Pennington with his "Picture Mobile"

Innovative Elders with their name tag holders

Not sure why he sent this picture but my favorite part is
seeing the fan that's hanging in the background on the
bunk beds.  These guys make do with the little they have.

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