Monday, March 21, 2016


Better week this week.  We did really good in every area except for getting our investigators to church. They were either sick, had family in town, or out of town so that was a bummer, but oh well nothing you can do about it. This week is a 7 week transfer so this upcoming week will be the last one, and we will receive transfer calls this Saturday.
Everything is going well, and we meet more and more new ward members every week that are just so sweet to us.  No pictures this week.  I am sorry.  I usually do not bring my camera a lot, and I will just have other “misioneros” send them to me but they didn't send them to me yet so I will get those out as soon as I can.  Hope everyone has an amazing week and you stay classy Memphis.

Elder Pennington

(Elder Pennington didn't have any pictures to send, but a church member had him over to eat and made him a special treat - Puppy Chow!!!  They didn't even know this was his favorite treat.  Then they snapped some pictures and texted them to us.  As well as a video!  Enjoy!!)

That's a big bowl of puppy chow!

Carrying left overs home on their heads...
Why is Nathan's bag so much bigger?!


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