Monday, March 14, 2016


Elder Dyer - a Chinese speaking Elder.
So this week was a little bit better for Elder Olsen and myself.  It rained a couple of times this week, and luckily I got my rain pants and my Columbia rain jacket.  This El Niño comes and goes like every few weeks, and the reason why they took our car away is because of the rain.  There has only been like 4 days since they have, but it is all good.  I don't mind biking.  It could be much worst.

Twinkies - matching suits and ties.
Thank you all for all the packages and letters that I kept getting this past week.  It means a lot to me that everyone has me in mind.  I hope all is well with everyone and I am trying to get thank you letters around to everyone, but if I don't get to it right away, I’m sorry!  My addiction to mango juice is going against an addiction that I now have for strawberry banana juice from Kern’s Nectar.  It is SO good.  But other than that, it was a pretty boring week – OH! except I went on exchanges this week with Elder Dyer into Chinese land.  We taught an English class to Chinese people that are trying to learn English and these people are hilarious.  Elder Dyer is a super cool guy and I learned a lot from him.  I think that is pretty much it....We dropped a few people that we were teaching and got dropped by one other person, so we are in a building progress right now.  I love you all and have a great week!

Elder Pennington
How do you like my crazy trick?

P-Day at the tennis court with the zone.

Just a little warm up jump!

Having fun with da boys

Yeah, that's right! We bad!

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