Monday, February 22, 2016


So this week has been pretty good.  Elder Olsen and I hit Standard again, so we are off for a perfect transfer so far.  We have a pretty deep teaching pool of about 17 or 18 but only half are really progressing, so we need to get that moving along. We are doing good though, just need to continue to be diligent.
Everything is going well, my comp works hard so that's awesome.  We do really well at teaching with each other, and he is a genius!  He was valedictorian for his school!
Anyways, we have several investigators who we have been working on for a while to come to church.  They were finally able to come to church this past Sunday.  We had ward conference.  It was awesome. One main problem that we have out here is people working on Sundays.  Almost 3/4 of our investigators all have jobs where they are either iffy about Sundays, or they can barely get off work so that has been troublesome.
I have been addicted to Elder Holland talks lately so I think the bishop at home needs to assign some talks off of Holland’s because they are just straight money team.  He hits it hard every time.  “Safety For The Soul” and “We Are All Enlisted” are just amazing.  I can't wait till conference!!!  Well I hope everyone has a good rest of their week!
Elder Pennington

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