Monday, February 15, 2016


My new companion, Elder Olsen from Idaho. Money Team!!
It was the first week of the new transfer and Elder Olsen and I worked are butts off to hit standard.  I think I’m doing a good job at remembering where everything is at since we are still on bike, but it's good.
I have come to really enjoy sleep on my mission haha!  Coming in from being out all day and laying down is just the best feeling.  Elder Olsen is a pretty cool guy.  He is from Idaho, of course.  You can't have one companion not be from either Utah or Idaho, that's just unheard of lol..  Anyways we have picked up a ton of new people that we are teaching.  It has just been rough because everyone in this area works all the time and are hard to find time to teach them at home, but the people are great.
Street tacos are so good. I have also come to learn that our neighbors have parties for like everything, and they all play like every single instrument. Last party there was a guy with a tuba and my whole wall next to my bed because I am closest to them was just vibrating with the beat of the music haha!  It was just great, but I ended up falling asleep so it is all good.  Getting up at 6:30 is getting pretty easy to get use too.  It just stinks that we don’t have a car because we would usually go to the gym every morning.
The ward members in this area are awesome and really do help with missionary work most the time haha.  I have never realized how important it was to get the ward involved and have that fellowship. This el Nino hasn't come yet, instead we have been cruising in the 90's and high 80's so it has been pretty hot.  Can't wait for the summer time heat (sarcasm).  Other than that, I am doing good.
Lumpia and pancit...  Mmmmm!
I had filipino food for the first time in three weeks.  I am so glad I had it.  I was having withdrawals!  It is girl scout cookie season out here, and now that I don't have a mom that tells me to stop eating I have a new mom that we live with and her granddaughter is a girl scout so I have probably been through four boxes of thin mints :) Good thing we are on bike haha!  We are super busy, and it is really good, but can be tiring.  I love being out here, and I love being able to help people make a difference in life.
Okay so time for the funny experience I had this week.  Elder Olsen is from a small town in Idaho where there are more cows than people, well anyways we were in the park and there was a guy that was just on cloud 9.  Elder Olsen has never talked to someone who was high so as missionaries, we walk and talk to everyone so we get to talking to this guy and he is hilarious.  He randomly asks if I love the Goonies, and I was like, “The movie? of course!”  Then he lifts up his shirt and has every person in the Goonies tatted on his chest hahaha!!!  Hope everyone is doing well.
Elder Pennington
Meditation is so relaxing
Front cover of my mission planner.

Back cover of my mission planner.

Trying on Elder Zeng's trendy jackets.

Being my goofy self.

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