Monday, November 23, 2015


The house we stay in with some members of our ward
So y'all are probably wondering why the subject says North Mexico, and it is because my first area Jurupa is like NORTH MEXICO. So instead of sidewalks they have wide dirt and gravel pathways for HORSES. I saw a guy texting while HORSING like who does that, it was crazy!!

So luckily we have a car but our car is only used to drive to a point, park, and then get out and go contact. So we don't go door to door. We catch people outside in their garage, on the sidewalk, in parks or stuff like that. Our Mission President said door to door gives us a bad name and there are quite a few salesmen and so we don't wanna look like we are trying to sell the gospel so that is why we don't take that approach.

The view of our neighbor's home in Jurupa
 My first area is Jurupa. I am staying with members who are awesome. There are chickens horses, goats, sheep, bunnies and cats roaming the streets as well so contacting is pretty fun and my shoes are super brown from the dirt haha. Anyways my comp and trainer is Elder Heelis and he is awesome. He is a redneck country boy so I am basically paired up with Josh hahah.(Josh is his best friend)  I already have one baptism I just need to set a date. A 17 year old named Ureal so that's going great. Getting to know the members is okay but most of them love missionaries, and we have like a dinner appointment every night.

People out here are kind of rude too, I'll be walking down the road and wave and people will just stare at you and then look away so there's no southern hospitality, speaking of which everyone loves it out here so that’s great. My accent and the way I say yes m’am and yes sir will probably help me be able to talk to people about Jesus Christ haha. Anywho <------That was totally a joke used to make fun of Josh who used that word so much in his emails they were like periods!!! (hahaha insert laughy emoji here) but yeah the work is going strong and I am getting use to the life style. I hope all is well with my Memphis peeps and the letters and packages mean so much. Thanks again for all the support y’all give me!

Love y’all,

Elder Pennington 

Got his Ray-Bans on and found Serendipity Rd

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