Thursday, November 26, 2015


No letter from Nathan since it is mid-week, but momma was worried about his first Thanksgiving holiday away from home.  She posted on the Missionary Mommas FB page that if anyone in the Jurupa area knew our son, she would appreciate it if they could make sure he was well fed for the holiday.

His first Thanksgiving away from home
What a surprise when someone replied to her post stating she lived in that stake and would see what she could find out.  Later, a picture of our missionary eating Thanksgiving dinner was posted!  This sweet sister in the church had investigated all day long and was able to find out where Nathan was serving as well as where he was eating dinner.

Want to hear another miracle?  He ate dinner in a home where the sister of the church there is the aunt of a member in our ward here in Memphis - Leecy & Tyler Ward.  What a nice surprise and a special blessing for this missionary momma.

A sneak peek at Nathan's Thanksgiving Box before it was shipped

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