Monday, March 13, 2017


Fishing in a "fish-less" lake, oh well!
We didn't receive a group letter this week so here is a summary of what we know.  Bro. Handal, a member of their ward, took them fishing.  Mission rules allow them to fish from the shore only.  To quote Elder Pennington, "It was fun, but we didn't catch anything.  I don't think there were even any fish in that lake."

Natalie's baptism
On Saturday, March 11, Elder Pennington attended another baptismal service.  He and his companion taught a sweet young girl named Natalie.  Her are a few pictures of her special day with the missionaries who taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elders Anderson, Pennington and Dunn with Natalie

Natalie's Baptism Day

Below are some pictures that tell a little bit more about this week:

Always exciting to see a TN license plate !

Elder Pennington loves to go gangsta by wearing their
suit coats inside out - what a rebel!
Not sure who this is but Elder Pennington called him
"Baby Face" and said he came for a surprise visit.

Baby Face came for a surprise visit.

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