Monday, January 30, 2017


Darf Canonigo is from the Phillipines

So this week has been really awesome.  The highlight of my week was teaching a young man named Darf Canonigo.  I found him street contacting on exchanges with Elder Cornaby and we were able to teach him the restoration, and put him on date for Feb 26th. He is super sincere and has been in America for 4 months now, he is from the Philippines!!! We are meeting with him in the park, and he loves basketball. We play some 21, and then we teach him a lesson. He is going to basics for the Army, so we will find out when he leaves, but when we asked him about praying to get baptized, he said he was but he doesn’t know what date he leaves so when he finds out that is when he is going to pray for that date, because he said he wants to get baptized. It is awesome being a part of his teaching process, and I am praying he is the elect that has been put in our path.

We played basketball for the first time in a while as a zone and I am OUT OF SHAPE. I feel like an old man :/ That’s all for this week!!!  Love ya’ll


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