Monday, June 13, 2016


Lisa asked Nathan to send a picture of his
missionary tag in a creative way, and he sent
us this picture with a California sunset.
You may have been wondering in the Crossfit pictures why the name on the back of my shirt is PATI.  It's my Samoan last name.  It means.... Well, you can look it up.  :)  My number is "23" of course. 

Our week is going well.  Last Monday, the other set of Elders that live in the same apartment got a mini missionary for a week.  Elder Smith and I met them that night and dressed up as normal people and acted like investigators.  It was so funny.  Our names were Zach and Cody.  We lived a "Suite Life!"

Anyways, we met with Pat, and she is being baptized later this month - date TBD.  Also, we were with a team up, and we were stopping by refs, and it was about 9-ish so it was time to head back.  And we were with our Elder's Quorum President.  And he goes, "Let's ding dong ditch Guillermo's house who is a cop and the 2nd counselor in Bishopric."  So I went and knocked and rang the bell and then ran to the car.  We just sat parked and watched him look around for like 15 minutes.  It was hilarious.

But, yeah things are going really well.  We have transfer calls this Saturday so Elder Smith will probably be getting the boot. 

I bought a belt that has a ton of USA flags so I'm pumped for the 4th of July.  The belt was $5 - sweet deal!  I'm in love with my Nike pants.  They are so comfy.

Elder Pennington

This Filipino member of the church treated Nathan
& his companion to a Filipino dinner.

P.1. Grill for dinner.

One happy missionary about to chow down on
some Filipino food.

Elder Smith is hungry

Nathan order pancit and eggroll just like his
Papa always made him.  He said it was good,
But not as good as Papa's.
For service hours, they helped a recent convert of
the church put up this pool in his backyard.  Then
Elder Pennington and Elder Glathar had a UFC
fight using the pool as the ring.

Writing emails on P-Day.

Writing emails on P-Day.

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