Monday, May 23, 2016


SO the past two weeks have been pretty good. I'll go ahead and start with the highlights of my two weeks. First thing is, that when Elder Smith and I were doing our walking and talking or "seeking with faith" as it's now called, we went to the very edge of our area which has the steepest hills, so biking was extremely hard. But anyways, we are walking and no one is out it seems like but then it happened. We look on the sidewalk ahead of us and there it is just sitting there, a MINI FRIDGE. It was so sweet we were so excited and then we hear the garbage truck, and we’re like “Oh we gotta get it outta here!” so I pick it up… haha yes I picked it up and ran to the opposite side of the street so it was safe. Then Elder Smith goes oh shoot their garage is opening. So I pick it up and run down the sidewalk in the opposite direction until we are out of sight and sit it down. Elder Smith and I were dying laughing because it was on the side of the street, they threw it out to be taken to the dump but we just didn't want them to see we took it hahaha!!
After that we called up some Elders that have a car and they took it to our apartment for us. We now have two mini fridges in our apartment, it is pretty sick. Also, we had the opportunity to meet Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles.  He came and spoke to us, it was so amazing!  I received so much enlightenment from him and revelation it was outstanding. He shook all of our hands, and the whole mission met together so we got to see some other elders and sisters that we haven’t seen in a while.
Nathan reenacts his BFF's engagement
pictures with his companion.
Still our crazy Nathan!!!

Also, I would like to send a huge, tremendous shout out to my brother for life on getting engaged. Welcome to the family Evelyn.
Redlands, California Temple

We also got to go to the temple last week, which was very inspiring and nice. Other than that I am looking forward to this next week, love and miss you all. Congrats to everyone who got their mission calls! That is the best thing you could be doing at this time!

Elder Pennington

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