Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Elder Pennington saying goodbye for 2 years at the Memphis Int'l Airport.
November 4, 2015 came much quicker than we expected.  We arrived bright and early at the Memphis Int'l Airport with our newly set apart missionary - Elder Pennington.  Everything he would need for the next 2 years was packed away in two suitcases and a carry-on bag.  He was nervously excited but had faith that the next two years would truly be "The Best Two Years" of his life so far...

Elder Pennington with Bishop Pennington at the Memphis Airport- 11/4/2015

Elder Pennington with his big brother Josh Kennedy who just got home from his Mission in Brazil only 1 month earlier.
As we were taking the last of our pictures, a gentleman approached us and asked if he was headed to Salt Lake City.  He was headed there too and brought great comfort when he said he would keep an eye on our missionary for us.  Below is part of his "momma's" FB post that goes with this picture:
(this picture was just sent to me by a sweet man on the same plane as my son heading to SLC letting me know they were boarding and he is watching over him. God is always aware of our needs and places people in our lives at the right time we need them)
Elder Pennington arrives safely at the DFW Airport - thank you kind gentleman for texting us this photo.
Elder Pennington made it to the SLC Airport and was met by his cousins - The Brandon & Amber Moore Family and the infamous Harper too!  We have a nice picture of this reunion too thanks to that nice gentleman who watched over him for the duration of the trip.

Elder Pennington meets his ride in SLC - Brandon, Amber and Harper Moore!
After being picked up, he had a little time before his scheduled arrival time at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah so they made a quick stop to eat at Café Rio and guess who surprised him next at the restaurant...  Aunt Ginger and Cousin Dawson!!!

Elder Pennington at Café Rio with the Moore's and Ginger & Dawson.  He looks like he's doing OK :)
Hurry up and finish that burrito because the next stop is the MTC in Provo.  He had two more surprise guests waiting for him there to say their last good-bye's - Brigitte Andersen and Wesley Stokes.  Brigitte surprised him with some homemade cookies and his favorite Utah treat - a Fruity Pebbles Smoothie from Jamba Juice.  Below are the final pictures of him before he entered the MTC for the next 2 weeks of intensive missionary training before heading to Riverside, California:

Elder Pennington getting ready to fit in with all the Californians - Hang Loose!
Elder Pennington's last picture - man, he looks GOOD!

Missionaries who have already been training come out and help all the new incoming missionaries bring their luggage into the MTC - there's no turning back now!!  :)

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